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Chet Raj Bhatta Greetings from Central Department of Mathematics, TU! I feel privileged to welcome you to the website of the Central Department of Mathematics. It is my great pleasure to have an opportunity to serve the department, faculties, staffs, and students as the head of the department (2024-2028), and I simultaneously crave the assistance and devotion of all the faculties, staffs, and students for the overall achievement and success of the department. The Central Department of Mat...
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Bachelor Level

The Mathematics Subject Committee under the Institute of Science and Technology is responsible to design the curriculum for both B.Sc. courses that run under the Institute of Science & Technology, and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, respectively. For official verification, it is recommended to contact the respective Dean's office or the Central Department of Mathematics. The course structures are as follows.

B.Sc. Courses (OLD)

1. B. Sc. I & II Year
2. B. Sc. III Year
3. B. Sc. IV Year

Math(101) Calculus 
Math(102)  Analytical Geometry & Vector Analysis

Math(201) Algebra I 
Math(202) Mathematical Analysis I 

Math(301) Albebra II 
Math(302) Mathematical Analysis II
Math(303) Numerical Methods (Elective) 
Math(304) Discrete Maths

Math(401) Differential Equations 
Math(402) Mechanics 
Math(403) Linear Programming 
Math(404) Computer Programming 
Math(405) Teaching Methodology(Elective) 
Math(406) Project Work (Elective)
Math(407) Mathematical Modeling

B.Sc. Courses (NEW: Revised 2073)

Year I
MAT 101 Calculus 
MAT 102  Analytical Geometry & Vector Analysis 

Year II
MAT  201 Linear Algebra  
MAT 202 Differential Equations

Year III
MAT 301 Computer Programming
MAT 302 Real Analysis
(Elective: Any One)
Math 303 Numerical Methods 
Math 304 Discrete Mathematics 

Year IV
MAT 401 Modern Algebra
MAT 402 Mathematical Analysis
MAT 403  Mechanics 
MAT 404 Linear Programming
(Elective: Any One)
MAT 405 Teaching Methodology 
MAT 406 Project Work
MAT 407 Bio Mathematics
MAT 408 Mathematical Economics 

Interdisciplinary course (Compulsory)
MAT 409 Mathematical Modeling

B.A. Courses 


 F.M.: 100 


1st Year



Math 421



Math 422

Analytic Geometry and Vector

2nd Year



Math 423

Linear Algebra


Math 424

Differential Equations

3rd Year



Math 425

Real Analysis


Elective (any one)


Math 410 A

Linear Programming and Discrete Mathematics


Math 410 B

Computer Programming

4th Year



Math 426

Modern Algebra


Math 427

Mathematical Analysis


Elective  (any one:  Only for mathematics)


Math 428

Project Work


Math 429

Mathematical Economics

B.A. Detail Courses: "Detailed Courses of B.A. (final copy will be issued by Dean's office)"