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Welcome to the Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University! Mathematics is very interesting, important and forms the foundation of physical sciences and technology. Its importance is growing in various areas such as business, finance, management, engineering, ICT, biology, medicine, and many social sciences. The department was started in the same year as the establishment of Tribhuvan University in 1959 AD (2016 BS) and runs under the Institute of Science and Technology. It off...
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Feb 27 2023
International Workshop in Computational Mathematics (IWCM-2023)
Apr 11 2023
Third International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2023)
Kedar Nath Uprety
Mathematics is one of the oldest and well developed disciplines of basic sciences. It plays an important role in physical, biological, engineering management and social sciences as well. We claim that Mathematics is Everywhere. Due to emerging technologies and advanced sciences, growing research interests and focus of the world on applied research, the importance of Mathematics has been increasing day per day.

This department is one of the oldest departments of Tribhuvan University, started during the establishment of the University at 1959 AD (2016 BS).

The Central Department of Mathematics provides guidance for academic programs and other services such as quality enhancement programs of the university to the students, national level institutes and faculties. The department offers Masters Degree in Mathematics, Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil) and PhD programs in the area of pure and applied mathematics. For the excellence of the department, we will try to understand the following quotations:

The book of nature is written in the language of mathematics
- Gallileo

No human investigation can be called real science if it cannot be demonstrated Mathematically - Leonardo Da Vinci
One of the properties inherent in mathematics is that any real progress is accompanied by the discovery and development of new methods and simplifications of previous procedures ... The unified character of mathematics lies in its very nature; indeed, mathematics is the foundation of all exact natural sciences. David Hilbert

The aim of the department is to pursue excellence in mathematics through the promotion of quality education. We are in the process of achieving our objective through the collaboration with the university and other universities and institutes in the nation and abroad including DAAD and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Our qualified and distinguished faculty members are the backbone of the institute who are contributing much for the systematic promotion of semester based teaching and research activities, The collaboration of the department with Nepal Mathematical Society, Chinese Mathematical Society, Indian Mathematical Society and other societies has been contributing for the research that are presented in the national and international conferences, talks, seminars and schools. Department is active in hosting international conferences and workshops in the various disciplines of mathematics through the collaborative effort. Department has been publishing a peer reviewed journal “ The Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report “ biannually.

I hope our researchers, staff and students will be more engaged in teaching and research in Mathematics as said by Tolstoy "A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction."

Prof. Dr. Kedar Nath Uprety