Message from HOD
Chet Raj Bhatta Greetings from Central Department of Mathematics, TU! I feel privileged to welcome you to the website of the Central Department of Mathematics. It is my great pleasure to have an opportunity to serve the department, faculties, staffs, and students as the head of the department (2024-2028), and I simultaneously crave the assistance and devotion of all the faculties, staffs, and students for the overall achievement and success of the department. The Central Department of Mat...
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Tanka Nath Dhamala
Welcome to the Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University!

Mathematics is very interesting, important and forms the foundation of physical sciences and technology. Its importance is growing in various areas such as business, finance, management, engineering, ICT, biology, medicine, and many social sciences.

The department was started in the same year as the establishment of Tribhuvan University in 1959 AD (2016 BS) and runs under the Institute of Science and Technology. It offers Masters Degree, Masters of Philosophy and PhD programs in the area of pure and applied mathematics. The programs cover various fields of mathematical sciences including algebra, number theory, topology, mathematical analysis, functional analysis, measure theory, numerical analysis, optimization, differential equations, graph theory, and fluid mechanics.

Students conduct research supported by their thesis advisors. For problem-solving and additional help, we offer tutorial classes. Students develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities that enable them for lifelong learning and professional success. We have well-trained faculty members with teaching experiences and research background from Tribhuvan University and abroad, including PhD and Post-Docs with Fulbright, NSERC, ERASMUS, DAAD and AvH Foundation and many other research fellowships. Our graduates are mainly involved in teaching and research. Our alumni and faculty members are successful in academia, research and industry in Nepal and abroad. With the best utilization of our available resources, we further seek to produce high-quality manpower that would be able to handle mathematical problems for the industry and society.

The department actively hosts and organizes international conferences, workshops, seminars, compact courses, teachers’ orientation, and talk programs in various disciplines of mathematics on its own as well as through national and international collaborative efforts. It has collaborations with different Universities, Institutions, and Societies from Nepal and abroad, including DAAD and Humboldt Foundation, and still aiming to develop more collaborative links. We also have collaborations with Nepal Mathematical Society, Chinese Mathematical Society, Indian Mathematical Society, ANMA and other societies that have been contributing to research. We have been publishing a peer-reviewed journal “The Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report“biannually.

Our qualified and distinguished faculty members are the backbone of the department who are devoted to excellence in research and teaching. I am very hopeful that all members of the department will make every effort for the promotion of semester-based standard teaching and high-quality research. I also warmly welcome the additional supports from our former faculty members and alumni inside Nepal and abroad, the international mathematics community, and other sectors for the enhancement of this department.

Tanka Nath Dhamala, PhD
Professor and Head