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Welcome to the Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University! Mathematics is very interesting, important and forms the foundation of physical sciences and technology. Its importance is growing in various areas such as business, finance, management, engineering, ICT, biology, medicine, and many social sciences. The department was started in the same year as the establishment of Tribhuvan University in 1959 AD (2016 BS) and runs under the Institute of Science and Technology. It off...
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Feb 27 2023
International Workshop in Computational Mathematics (IWCM-2023)
Apr 11 2023
Third International Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Nonlinear Sciences (AMNS-2023)

After the formal announcement of the commencement of M.A./M.Sc. classes in Economics, English, History, Mathematics, and Nepali, on July 14, 1959 A.D. (30th Ashadh 2016 B.S), Central Department of Mathematics was established on September 20, 1959 A.D. (4th Aswin 2016 B.S.) at the University College in Tripureswor with only half a dozen students and a similar number of faculty members.

Prof. Aasutosh Ganguly was the first head of department; other faculty members at the time included professors Keshav Dev Bhattarai, Govinda Dev Pant and Dhup Ratna Bajracharya. The first batch of students graduated from the department in 1961. Ever since, in spite of tumultuous twists and turns of the education system according to the socio-political changes of the country, there has been a steady output from the department, which not only has climbed up to the highest echelons of public offices, but also has fanned out to various nooks and corners of the country, manning schools and campuses in the form of teachers and lecturers. A number of graduates from the department are also working in foreign countries as teachers.