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Chet Raj Bhatta Greetings from Central Department of Mathematics, TU! I feel privileged to welcome you to the website of the Central Department of Mathematics. It is my great pleasure to have an opportunity to serve the department, faculties, staffs, and students as the head of the department (2024-2028), and I simultaneously crave the assistance and devotion of all the faculties, staffs, and students for the overall achievement and success of the department. The Central Department of Mat...
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Guest Talks
Visits and Scientific Presentaions:

Among other professors and scientists who visited the department, contributed as a resource person of certain program and devivered talks at different time periods are as as follows.

Prof. Junhong Ha and Prof. Sudeok Shon, Korea Teck (2020-02-06). Talk: Mathematical Modeling for Architectural Structure and Recent Researches on That Field.

Prof. Narayan Thapa, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Cameron University, Lawton OK, USA (2019-05-07). Talk: Research Experience for Undergraduates in Nepal.

Dr. Shiva Pd. Pudasaini, University of Bonn, Germany. (Auguest 8, 2019), Talk: Multi-phase Mass Flows-Nature, Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering.

Prof. Roger Weigand and Prof. Sylvia Weigand, University of Nebraska, USA. (2018-10-08 - Talk: Noetherian Domains in Power Series Rings and Semi Groups of Modules), (2014-04-18 - Talk: Non-Uniqueness of Direct-Sum Compositions and Prime Ideals in Noetherian Rings.

Prof. Rodney George Halburt, University College London (2018-06-26). Talk: Special Functions and Nivanlinna's Theory.

Prof. Stephan Dempe, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany (April 2017). Talk: Pessimistic Linear Bilevel Optimization.

Prof. Marc Goerigk, Lancaster University, UK (September 1-2, 2017). Workshop: Optimization Models for Disaster Resilience in Nepal.

Prof. Tatsuaki Okamoto, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Japan (2017-11-20). Talk: How to Use Elliptic Curves in Practice.

Prof. Kalyan Chakraborty, Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India (2017-07-23).Talk: Class Number of Certain Number Field.

Prof. Junhong Ha and Prof. Sara Maloni (2017-01-04).

Prof. Wolfram Decker, University of Kaiserslautern (May 22, 2016).

Prof. Gerhard Pfister, University of Kaiserslautern (May 22, 2016).

Prof. Naveen Vaidya, San Diego State University, USA, (December 7, 2016). Talk: Beginning Mathematical Biology: Research and Teaching.

Prof. Harihar Khanal, Department of Mathematics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida , USA (March 2016).

Prof. Tikhonov, Sergey, ICREA Research Professor at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), Barcelona, Spain (April, 2016). A General Monotonicity Concept and Its Applications.

Prof. Steven James Pearce, School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (December, 2015).

Prof. Yong Kuk Kim, Department of Mathematics Kyongpook National University, Deagu, South Korea (2014-12-30). Talk: Mathematical Modeling in Biology.

Prof. Gerta Koester, Munich University of Appplied Scienced, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics (November 26-29, 2013). Workshop: Mathematical Modeling in Emergency Mitigation Using Optimization and Simulation Methods.

Prof. Francesco Pappalardi, University of Roma Tre, Rome (2013-12-20). Talk: Properties of Reductions of Groups of Rational Numbers.

Prof. Abate Marco, Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy (2013-12-04). Talk: Complex Dynamics in one Complex Variable.

Prof. Michal Waldschmidt, Prof. Jorge JimonezUrroz (October 10, 2012). Talk: Algebraic Number Theory.

Prof. Gerhard Pfister, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (October 8-10, 2012). Seminar: Singularities and Applications.

Prof. Horst W. Hamacher, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (March, 2011). Workshop on Mathematical Modeling in Emergency Planning.

Prof. Hans Kellerer, University of Graz (February, 2011). Talk: Symmetric Quadratic Knapsacks and Scheduling Problems.

Dr. Sudarshan Tiwari, Department of Mathematics, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (May, 2022). Talk: Semi-Lagrangian methods based on meshfree reconstruction for scalar conservation and kinetic equations. 

Dr. Chudamani Poudyal, Department of Statistics and Data Science,  University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA (August 2022). Talk: Statistical Insurance Premium Pricing Models. 

Dr. Judith Schildt and Ms. Franziska Lieblang,  Department of Sponsorship and Network, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany (October 20, 2022). Talk: Information seeeion on Humboldt Foundation. 

Virtual (Online) Presentations 

Dr. Narayan Thapa, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Cameron University, Oklahoma, USA (June 11, 2020). Title: The Nuts and Bolts of Research in Applied Mathematics.

 Prof. Dr. Francisco Martínez Álvarez, Division of Computer Science Division, Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, Spain (June 10, 2020). Talk: Coronavirus Optimization Algorithm: a Bioinspired Metaheuristic Based on the COVID-19 Propagation Model. 

Prof. Dr. Jerry Bona, University of Illinious, Chicago, USA (Asadh 10, 2077; June 24, 2020). Talk:Theory and Applications of Model for Long Waves.

Dr. Chrysafis Vogiatzis, Industrial and Enterprises Systems Engineering, University of Illinois a Urbana-Champaign, USA (Asadh 12, 2077; June 26, 2020). Talk: Robust Two Echelon Vehicle and Drone Routing for Post Disaster Humanitarian Operations.

Prof. Dr. Edward Kaplan, William N. and Marie A. Beach Professor of Operations Research, Yale School of Management, USA (December 17, 2020).Talk: Modeling Local Coronavirus Outbreaks. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Nickel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Institute for Operations Research, Germany (May 7, 2021). Talk: The day after optimal: OR for modern logistics.

Dr. Cameron Mackenzie, Iowa State University, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, USA (Feburary 9, 2022). Talk: Disaster Resilience: Models to Improve Decision Making for Disaster Preparedness and Responses.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Dempe, Department of MAthematics and Computer Science, TU Bergakademie Freiberg,  Germany (May 28, 2022 ). Talk: Bilevel optimization using KKT transformation. 

Dr. Judith Schildt and Ms. Franziska Lieblang,  Department of Sponsorship and Network, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany (October 20, 2022). Talk: Information seeeion on Humboldt Foundation. 

Prof. Dr. Kapil K Sharma, Prof. Dr. Deepa Sinha, Dr. Navnit Jha, Dr. Jagdish Chand Bansal, Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahani and Dr. Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane
(University of Newcastle, Australia), Dr. Anil Kumar (Birla Inst. of Tech.& Science, India), International Workshop on Computational Mathematics, Organized by Central DEpartment of Mathematics and South Asian University, India (March 11-13, 2023).