This department is the oldest department in the history of Science education of Nepal. With the establishment of department on September 20th, 1959 Master Degree program in Mathematics began. Postgraduates from this department have excellent academic record that enable them to get further opportunities to pursue higher studies and conduct research in reputed institutes in different part of the world. Most of the graduates of this department are currently working at different universities, campuses, higher secondary schools, government offices and other institutes of the nation. Even some of them are working developed countries as well. The department comprises twenty eight faculty members: Six Professors, an associate Professor, nine lecturers, an assistant lecturer and eleven part time faculty members with research interests in different fields. Among them nine faculty members have Doctorial Degree and some are pursuing Doctorial degree from national and international universities. Even some are verge of completion of that degree.

The main objectives of this department are as follows:
•    To produce high level man power with M. Sc. / M. A., M. Phil and Ph. D. degree.
•    To conduct Post-Doctorial research.
•    To promote basic as well as applied research in Mathematics.
•    To improve and upgrade the mathematics curricula as required by national needs and international standards.

Master’s Program
Mathematics courses of Masters cover two years. The total marks allotted to 1st year in Part I and 2nd year in Part II is 500 each. Department has introduced thesis writing for 2nd year students as an optional subject from academic year 064/065 (007/008) and sixteen students with thesis work have completed their degree.  Around 200 students are admitted in the first year (part1) every year. Currently the department has more than 300 (three hundr