1) Jon Aaronson
Email : aaro@math.tau.ac.il
(University of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel)
Aspects of non-singular ergodic theory

 2) Walter Bergweiler
Email : bergweiler@math.uni-kiel.de
(Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany)
Iteration of entire functions
3) S. G. Dani
Email : dani@math.tifr.res.in
(Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Institute, Bombay, India)
Dynamical systems of algebraic origin

4) Renaud Leplaideur
Email :renaud.leplaideur@univ-brest.fr
Université de Brest , France
Introduction to Ergodic Optimization

5) Stefano Luzzatto
Email : luzzatto@ictp.it
(International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy)
Introduction to Differentiable Ergodic Theory
6) Riddhi Shah
Email : rshah@mail.jnu.ac.in
(Jawaharlal Nehru University)
Dynamics of distal actions on locally compact groups
7) Ajaya Singh
Email: ajayas_2011@yahoo.comsingh.ajaya1@gmail.com
(Central Dept. of Mathematics, T. U., Kathmandu)
Some Properties of components of Fatou sets
8) Anand. P. Singh 
Email : singhanandp@rediffmail.com 
Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan, India
Applications of Approximation Theory to Complex Dynamics
9) Kedar Nath Uprety
Email : kedar021@hotmail.com
(Central Dept. of Mathematics, T. U., Kathmandu)